Monday, November 19, 2012

Creating your own Universes…

Learn how to play God in your dreaming world
So have you ever been in a 3D simulation? You know, the kind where you’re supposed to wear those technology-enriched glasses, which transport you to this world of forests, ravening monsters, and evil men with machine guns? If you haven’t, find a 3D gaming arcade that allows you to do that. Or else, lie back and sleep! Yep, I know we’re right back to my favorite topic this week—lucid dreams!
For you uninitiated dreamers, lucid dreaming occurs when you know you are in a dream and hence, have the power to control everything in it. It’s when you get to play God. This time, I’ll tell you a really easy technique you can use to induce these dreams. It’s called the MILD (Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams) technique.

*      Get into a comfortable position and relax. As you are falling asleep, say this to yourself (aloud): ‘I will wake after every dream period and remember my dream.’ By saying this, you are programming yourself to wake up after you have a dream. There are many ‘dreaming’ periods throughout a normal sleep cycle.

*      When you wake up, do any activity (such as reading, or writing down your dream) that demands your complete wakefulness. Try and remember every detail of your dream.

*      Lie down and drift back to sleep, and say ‘Next time I dream, I will remember that I am dreaming’. Imagine that you are sleeping and you are back in the dream that you just had.

Following these steps will ensure that your dream is lucid. Try it out!

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Dreamum Wakepum said...

I've had such experiences in past.. But i think for people who haven’t had such unique dreams, the meditation suggested above is also of great help, may be it will take time to adapt with the dream patterns, but I’m sure if followed regularly, its sure to show some amazing results!